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Midiri Brothers Sextet

Joe Midiri, clarinet, saxophone; PaulMidiri, vibraphone, marimba, trombone; Pat Mercuri, guitar; DanTobias, trumpet; Gary Cattley, bass, tuba; Jim Lawlor, drums

The melodically satisfying Midiri Brothers put together a selection of some of their most requested numbers; both Joe and Paul are vibrant and technically skillful players.  Starting with Ray Charles’s “Let's Go” we have a delightful flowing clarinet from Joe and some sparkling vibraphone from Paul, a perfect curtain raiser.  The set is well mixed, “Oodlesof Noodles”, written by Jimmy Dorsey, is taken at a finely articulated gallop.  There is also “I Hear as in a Dream” from an opera by George Bizet and the Joyce Kilmer poem “Trees”, set to music by Oscar Rasbach (a rite of passage for all young brass and reed players when I was a boy).  Then into &;dqou;Twelfth StreetRag”, which is a vibraphone feature for Paul Midiri.  There is a spacious lightness to this group, the arrangements are uplifting and Joe and Paul are consummate musicians; they are also lucky enough to be able to call on the services of the superb trumpet playing of Dan Tobias and the equally excellent Pat Mercuri on guitar, whilst the bass of Gary Cattley and the drumming of Jim Lawlor keep things exactly where they should be.  Their combined playing is sensitive and with a fine use of light and shade.  Thoroughly recommended.

by Ferdinand Maylin


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